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Career Information

Using this Guide

Welcome to the Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library guide for Career Information. This was created to help students explore career options and job hunting tips, through both library resources and outside sources.

If you have any trouble finding information about your topic, contact the Library for help.

Also, visit the CCC Office of Career and Transfer Services.  The friendly staff there have additional resources and great ideas!  The office is located in the Commons.  On the web, you can find more information on the Student tab of MyCCC.

Featured Websites

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. It gives salary information, educational requirements, and other details about hundreds of careers.  The Handbook is revised every two years.  It is published by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Government Websites

Electronic Books - EBSCOhost eBooks Academic Collection

You can search and read academic titles in our electronic book database - eBooks Academic Collection.

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Library Catalog Search

Search here to find books, media, and other resources in the Library collections.



Suggested search terms:

  • Cover letters
  • Employment interviewing
  • Job hunting
  • Resumes (Employment)
  • Vocational guidance

Most books on Careers are classified as HF in the Library of Congress Classification System. You may wish to browse the shelves in this area. Look in the Reference Collection, the Career Collection and the General Collection.

Looking for test guides?

The Arthur A. Houghton, Jr. Library does not have a collection of test preparation guides or practice tests.  If you are looking for these kind of materials, check the public library.  The link below to StarCAT will search the 48 public libraries in the Southern Tier Library System, and in most cases you can request a book be delivered to your local library to check out.  You will need a public library card to request or borrow these items.


If you are looking for civil service test books, search StarCAT for "civil service examinations."  Click the "Subject" button to start your search - you should find over 300 titles (327 as of 3/31/2020).  If you are looking for a specific exam - perhaps you are interested in becoming a case worker, for example - search "[job title] exam" as keywords. (A search for case worker exam should give you 2 titles.)

Public Libraries

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Where can I find articles?

Articles can be found in databases to which the library subscribes.  Databases are powerful tools that make hundreds of thousands of journal and newspaper articles searchable with the click of a button!

We categorize our databases as either "Interdisciplinary," which contain materials on a broad spectrum of topics, or "Subject Specific," where you will find specializations such as science, nursing, or education.

Finding Articles About Careers

The databases below may help you find information about careers.  (These do NOT contain job postings.)

Suggested search terms:

  • Cover letters
  • Employment interviewing
  • Job hunting
  • Resumes (Employment) 
  • Vocational guidance

Both the Vocational Collections contain trade journals and other industry-specific publications.

The Business and Company Resource Center allows you to search for a specific company, or to browse industry overviews.  Industry information is grouped by SIC or NAICS code - if you do not know the code for the industry in which you are interested, you can browse the listings (or talk to a librarian!).

Newspaper articles may contain job hunting tips and cover many aspects of industry and employment.

Recommended Databases

Local Information

Area Chambers of Commerce are a great place find information on regional business trends and news.  Chambers are not government agencies - they are made up of local businesspeople.  Look for news and member directories to see what kind of businesses are active in the area, and what might be on the horizon.