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Hanley Room (Library Program Space) - Information

Information on how to reserve, setup options and available equipment.

Room Reservation Process

Reservations of the Hanley Room LIB102 in the Library are self-service through Banner. Once the event has been entered in Banner [make note of the Banner Event Code], please use the Hanley Room Set Up form to assist with the setup of the room for your event. The following departments will be notified of your event after the form is submitted: Physical Plant, Media Services, Library and Public Relations.

Seating is available for up to 70 people.  There is a combination of soft seating, tables and chairs available. Take a look at the Room Layout Options tab for descriptions of the layouts.

Following equipment is available in the Hanley Room.
a) WiFi and wired internet connection
b) Windows desktop computer
c) VGA and HDMI hook up for laptops or other devices
d) Screen
e) Projector
f) Microphone
g) Document Camera
h) Podium

Every Day Layout

Room is set up with 3 round tables near screen and 6 rectangle tables (various configurations) near entrace located in middle of space and soft furniture along edges.

Lecture Layout

Room can accommodate 70 people in program chairs. Additional seating is available in soft furniture at edge of space.


Lecture Layout with Additional Entrance Furniture

Room is set up with 70 chairs and soft furniture moved to edge. Two person talbe and 4 soft chairs located in lobby.

Panel Style

Room is set up with 40 chairs and 3 tables located in front -- panel style. Soft furniture moved to edge.

Classroom Style

Room is set up with 20 chairs and 6 tables -- 2 rows of 3 located in front -- classroom style. Soft furniture moved to edge.

Function Style

Room is set up with round tables in middle of space and soft furniture in 2 seating areas.

Workshop Layout

workshop setup for Hanley room