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Election 2020: Home

A collection of websites related to the upcoming election.

Election 2020

Looking for some reliable facts and/or different points of view about the political races this year?  Check out this collection of websites.  While bias is inescapable, a functioning democracy depends on an educated electorate (that's YOU!), and these sources offer some different glimpses into our system.



Remember that most (if not all) newspapers and news websites have a bias.  Some would argue that the "mainstream media" almost always leans to the left/liberal side - and this may be true.  If you are concerned about this bias when reading the news, take a moment to think about WHY it happens.  (Here is an article from Fortune magazine, written by Chris Matthews, to get you started.  Be sure to check out some of the included links.)

Be careful of any story that pulls you in with a "click-bait" headline, doesn't include well-documented sources, or paints with a broad brush.  Are all liberals looking for government handouts?  Are all conservatives racist xenophobes?  These ugly stereotypes do not help when engaging in meaningful political discourse.

All of that said, here are the websites for some of the largest US news sources.

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